Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FCR Trivia Game #2

The FCR  Trivia Games were put together by the FCR Forum Moderators.

1.  What did Paul think when he first saw the oven at the ranch?

2.  What does David think no American knows how to do?

3.  What English recipe did Paul make for David?

4.  What item was Flynn talking about when he said, “Who is seriously going to pay $50 for something that’s going to take up half the kitchen and is a large gadget for stirring? Bear isn’t going to thank us for lumbering him with one of those. What’s wrong with a spoon, you can at least put the damn thing away when you’re finished and it isn’t $50 for aluminium and mechanical tat.”

5.  What happened at the mall that caused Paul to send both Flynn and Riley away?

6.  What city is the mall in where the men do their Christmas shopping?

7.  What US state is Philip in when he first meets Jasper?

8.  What was in the bag Philip brought to Jasper when they were taking the cattle back to Wyoming?

9.  What food item did Paul make for them to take wassailing?

10. As they are decorating the Christmas tree in Shenanigan’s Overlook, Paul tells Dale that the carved stars and what other carved decoration belonged to David?

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