Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cryptogram #10

@Kate M.  from the Fall Chance Forum has scrambled up some of our favorite Rolf and Ranger's Story Quotes for you to untangle. The quote could come from any of this year's Rolf and Ranger Stories (i.e. The Pumpkin Patch, Watching the Waters, The Willows, Madison Hall, Wiggle, Unspoken, or new The Mary Ellen Carter chapters)

Now, because Dale won't be playing (and we don't think any one else can do these in their heads, but let us know if you can) and a pencil and paper is still far too much like hard work--but go for it if that is how you want to spend Christmas vacation -- there is a handy tool HERE!!

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A link to the solution will be posted in tomorrow's Advent Calendar posting.

Here is your tenth Cryptogram:


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