Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Advent Calendar FCR Trivia Game #1

The FCR  Trivia Games were put together by the FCR Forum Moderators.  

1. Where did Philip grow up?

2. Where did Flynn and the gang park at the Mall in Shenanigan's Overlook?

3. Who said "I read an article on this, it's hunting. Prehistoric men shopped by spotting a yak and whomping it with a club, and dragging it straight home. Job done. They didn't wander round comparing yaks and drinking coffee and falling over fricking strollers. I'm a yak-whomper, it's genetic."? 

4. What is the name (first and last) of Dale's assistant at ANZ? 

5. What did Riley name his snowman? 

6. Which Saint Medal did Tom give Jake in Peru? 

7. What flavor of Latte did Darcy get for Roger (caused Roger to get into trouble also)?

8. How many polar bears are actually at the north pole?

9. What was worse than the polar bears and penguins at the mall that were present the previous year?

10. Who said, “I don’t care how dishy he is, he’s not staying.”

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